Veterinary medicine has evolved substantially from the time when the veterinarian’s arsenal of treatment options could usually be packed into a single satchel. Today, highly sophisticated, specific and life-saving technologies are available to give pet owners options that address conditions that previously were untreatable or were treatable with less effective – and sometimes, more expensive -- measures.

One of the promising technologies being used more often in veterinary medicine today is the equipment that is used to perform dialysis and therapeutic plasma exchange.

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Frankie's Friends Tree of Life

Create a Tribute for YOUR Pet

Anyone who has loved a pet understands the immeasurable value of their friendship and love shown with every wag of their tail or purr against your face.

Remember them by helping another.

Frankie's Friends saves pets' lives by providing financial support through our Tennessee Hope Fund to families who cannot afford lifesaving medical care for their sick or injured pets. Frankie's Friends Tree of Life memorial remembers our adored pets and honors our enduring bond. The proceeds from each leaf purchased go to support our Tennessee Hope Fund.

Leave a legacy of their love.
Help other cherished friends.
Keep families together longer.

Purchase a leaf today.

Small Dedication Leaf    $100          3 lines, 12 characters, including spaces
Large Dedication Leaf    $150         4 lines, 15 characters, including spaces

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