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What is Bond’s Fund?

Bond’s Fund was created by the H/3 Foundation, in partnership with Frankie’s Friends, with a simple goal in mind — to provide companion animals and their families with the resources to access the best eye care and ophthalmology services.


Why Did H/3 Start Bond’s Fund?

“Bond’s Fund” got its name from a gentle, male black tuxedo cat named “Bond.” Bond was found in a dumpster when he was 14 years old with a number of health complications, some of which led to a serious eye condition. But because he was fortunate enough to be able to receive specialized treatment, Bond lived out his remaining years in comfort.

Because many families do not have access to the same specialists or financial good fortune that Bond had, we established Bond’s Fund in partnership with Frankie’s Friends. The Fund assists families willing to provide caring homes for animals with access to high-quality veterinary eye care.

How Can Bond Help Your Dog, Cat or Other Companion Animal?

Bond’s Fund, managed by Frankie’s Friends, provides grants to assist with the cost of specialty eye care for pets whose families cannot afford the full cost of treatment. Financial support may be given to families who demonstrate requisite financial need and whose pets would have a good prognosis for long-term recovery to a normal quality of life.

Bond’s Fund financial assistance is used specifically for the treatment of ophthalmic conditions, and does not cover primary or preventative care, diagnostic testing, the initial exam, or ongoing monthly medications. Bond’s Fund may assist with the cost of treatment either for inherited conditions, including cataracts or glaucoma, or for acquired ones caused by trauma or infections.

If you are interested in applying for assistance from Bond’s Fund, you will need to have your pet seen and assessed by a licensed veterinary ophthalmologist. To find a licensed veterinary ophthalmologist in your area, click HERE.