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Apollo the puppy survived a tragic car accident.

His owner was airlifted to the hospital, remains in critical care.
Apollo needs surgery to repair a femoral head fracture.
Please help Apollo! 



Because of Frankie's Friends AMAZING donors, Apollo received the surgery he needed to repair his femoral head fracture. His surgeon is happy to report, "surgery went as expected and Apollo is doing well." He is currently resting comfortably in the ICU and being spoiled by the team at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Eden Prairie, MN. 

You can still help pets like Apollo by donating HERE.


Apollo was brought to BluePearl Veterinary Hospital’s emergency room in Blane, MN on Sunday, January 27th by the St. Louis Park Police Department. He was in a car accident and his owner was airlifted to the hospital. 

Apollo’s owner Mindy was traveling by car with her 9 yr old daughter and Apollo on Sunday evening. They unexpectedly hit a patch of glare ice and lost control of the vehicle. To avoid oncoming traffic, Mindy was able to steer her car towards the shoulder, resulting in the vehicle striking a utility pole head on. Mindy and her daughter were airlifted to the hospital while Apollo was taken into custody by the St. Louis Park Police Department. 

Mindy found Apollo on the streets of downtown Minneapolis a few months ago as a puppy. She searched for an owner to claim him, but no one ever came forward. Apollo was taken into her home and has been spoiled ever since. He is estimated to be about 9 months old and a Pitbull mix. Apollo is a very loving boy and loves going everywhere with his mom, especially care rides. Mindy always makes sure that Apollo is wearing his seatbelt, and this is most likely what saved his life and minimized his injuries. 


Apollo’s injuries while serious and requiring medical intervention could have been far worse, considering the severity of the car accident he survived. He is currently suffering from a leg fracture on his femoral head, the highest part of the thigh bone. He requires a femoral head osteotomy, a surgical repair to provide him the comfort and mobility to live life as a playful puppy again. The physician on the case, Dr. Bishoy Eskander, states "This surgery should provide Apollo with a comfortable and functional leg, allowing him to have good quality of life long-term." 

Apollo’s owner Mindy suffered multiple life-threatening injuries and is tragically still in the hospital in critical care. Mindy has remained unconscious since the accident, opening her eyes for the first time yesterday. To make matters worse, Mindy is currently unemployed and will need all the help she can get to recuperate from her own injuries while Apollo’s veterinary bills are continuing to add up. 


While Apollo and Mindy remain in the hospital, thankfully, Mindy's daughter was discharged yesterday and is recovering from the injuries she sustained at home. 

Mindy’s best friend, Traci, has stepped up to take on the role of caretaker for Apollo to ensure he gets the care he needs while his owner is treated for injuries of her own. But we need your help. Frankie’s Friends has offered to cover the cost of Apollo’s veterinary care so he can walk and play like a normal puppy again, but we need your support. His owner is focusing on healing herself, so we’re asking the community to help her beloved puppy, Apollo.

Please consider donating now to help cover the cost of the surgery Apollo needs to walk again. Give generously, and keep Apollo and his family in your thoughts during this incredibly difficult time.  

Please help save Apollo!


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