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Fiona’s family reached out for life-saving veterinary care following Hurricane Michael. They are a military family living in Panama City beach and lost just about everything during the storm. If that wasn't enough, their dog Fiona was so scared during the storm that she swallowed her favorite toy, a giant stuffed strawberry, needing emergency surgery to save her life. 

Fiona’s mom said, “My family is struggling with the effects of the hurricane, my husband is Army and just returned from deployment, my second son was born just two weeks ago so so much occurred in such a short amount of time but the thought of losing Fiona broke my heart.”

Fiona's family needs your help to cover the cost of the surgery needed to save Fiona's life. 

“Thank you so very much for this. This is truly a gift without measure. Fiona has been my 1 1/2 yr old son’s best friend since we got her at 2 months old.” Fiona’s family said. 

“We were frantic when she quickly started to deteriorate. Everything around us was either closed due to no power or demolished from the storm. Many people I know pretty much told me to put her down but that wasn’t an option for me! How to you put down someone that means so much to your family? The answer is you don’t, you never give up and you keep fighting to save her."

Frankie’s Friends is asking for your help to cover the cost of the treatment needed to save Fiona’s life. “Words will never express the level of gratitude I have for you and your organization, you made the impossible possible and for that my family will always be grateful.”

Please help save Fiona, and other pets affected by the devastating Hurricane.



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