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NATIONAL Frankie's Friends Fund Application

Frankie’s Friends Fund provides financial assistance grants to family owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment.

This program is designed to help with the treatment of emergency and specialty medical conditions where the pet would otherwise suffer, be euthanized, or relinquished without proper veterinary care.

If your pet is in need of immediate care, where any delay will put the animal at risk, it is your responsibility and duty to seek care for the pet immediately. There is no guarantee that the fund will provide financial assistance so please do not delay care for your pet while waiting for a response on your application.

Grants are not guaranteed, and will not exceed $1000.00 per pet, per household. Due to the large volume of applications we receive, the program is unable to help everyone who applies. Before applying, you must have a clear diagnosis, specific treatment plan in place, and an estimate of the cost of care from a veterinarian.

If you are in need of more assistance than the Frankie's Friends Fund provides, you may be eligible for help through one of partnering veterinary hospitals. The criteria for assistance remains the same as the Frankie's Friends Fund, however, you can reach out to one of our partnering veterinary hospitals listed in the document below to see if your pet and family's situation could qualify for additional assistance through our Hope Fund program instead.


The pet parent is responsible for the cost of the initial exam/assessment by a licensed veterinary professional, as well as any diagnostics to determine the pet’s prognosis and course of treatment. These associated upfront costs would not be covered by any potential Frankie’s Friends funding.

The pet must have a “good prognosis” as determined by a veterinary professional to be eligible for assistance.

The Frankie’s Friends Fund will ask each treating veterinary hospital to provide a 25% discount of services in addition to the funding from Frankie’s Friends.

The animal must be a family owned pet as the Frankie’s Friends Fund does not provide assistance for strays, rescue organizations, or fosters.

Special thanks to the the H/3 Foundation, Banfield Foundation, Royal Canin, and Margaret Ewell Dickins Foundation for supporting the National Frankie's Friends Fund so together we can help save more pets' lives.

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