Frankie’s Friends is one of the few foundations in the US that funds specialty and emergency care for pets who have a good prognosis for return to a good quality of life for a reasonable period of time. 

There are no guarantees in medicine, but by offering assistance for specialty and emergency procedures, thousands of pets – pets whose families were considering euthanasia due to financial constraints – have been given the chance to survive. They have been treated with advanced equipment and advanced protocols by veterinarians with advanced training and specialty board certification. And they have lived to go home, feeling well, to spend more weeks, months and years with their loving families. 

What is specialty and emergency care for pets?

Like hospitals for people, there are specialty hospitals for pets that offer cutting-edge medical and surgical treatment. At Frankie’s Friends, we work with some of the most advanced veterinary specialty hospitals in the US to obtain the best care for our recipients. 

Veterinarians who work at these hospitals are generally board certified specialists. Just like physician specialists for people, veterinary specialists first complete 4 years of medical school, then at least a 1-year general internship program, followed by a 2-3 year residency program, during which they intensively study their chosen discipline. Veterinary specialists then must pass a series of rigorous examinations in order to be certified by the board of their professional college, such as the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

The specialty hospitals that Frankie’s Friends works with have the latest equipment and highly trained, experienced specialists. The types of procedures Frankie’s Friends funds may include delicate neurosurgery to repair spinal cord damage; pacemaker implants to make erratic hearts beat steadier; cataract surgery and lens implantation to restore clear vision; chemotherapy to extend a pet’s life; endoscopic procedures to retrieve a swallowed ball that’s preventing normal breathing; laparoscopic surgery to repair a torn intestine; complicated fracture repair using implants and internal fixation devices; and ventilator care to get a compromised pet through the night until he can breathe on his own again.

By making advanced care such as these procedures accessible to families without financial means, donors to Frankie’s Friends are saving lives and keeping families together.