Thanks to leaps in veterinary medical knowledge, treatments and technology that are offered at specialty hospitals across North America, pets without any hope for a decent quality of life just a decade ago are now routinely saved. From delicate neurosurgeries to repair spinal cord disease to amazing chemotherapy options to extend the lives of pets with treatable cancers, pets are living longer with a great quality of life – staying with the families whom they love and who love them. 

The costs of treating critical emergencies and providing specialty services are beyond the means of many loving families, who end up making unthinkable decisions due to lack of funds.

In 1999, Dr. Neil Shaw, co-founder of BluePearl Veterinary Partners, decided to do something about that. Like all specialty and emergency practices, many patients came to his hospital needing advanced care – care their families with discouraging frequency were unable to afford. These loving and responsible families had few alternatives. 

Dr. Shaw started Frankie’s Friends to save pets who would otherwise suffer without proper care or be euthanized due to their families’ lack of financial resources. 

He wanted all pet families to know that advanced veterinary medicine is available – and he wanted all pets to have access to that level of care. He continues on the Frankie’s Friends Board of Directors today and works tirelessly to expand our foundation’s impact.

Frankie’s Friends serves more than 1,500 animals every year from all across the United States. 

Still, the demand for our assistance outstrips our current resources.

Frankie DeBartolo

Frankie DeBartolo


Read About Frankie and Mr. D of the DeBartolo Family

Frankie was a beautiful greyhound, cherished by the DeBartolo family of Tampa, Florida. In addition to endowing the foundation with Frankie DeBartolo’s name, the foundation is endowed with her boundless spirit and vitality. Frankie died at the age of eleven in 2007.


Frankie's legacy has inspired so many to help save pets' lives. Be a part of that inspiration. Help now.