Research Grant Winners

As part of our mission to advance the body of knowledge to improve veterinary care for pets, Frankie’s Friends announced awards of up to $5,000 each to fund research projects by seven veterinary researchers who are in small-animal residency programs around the country. 

The research projects cover a variety of topics, including anesthesia, radiology, clinical pathology, emergency care and oncology.  The competition winners were selected by a panel of seven board-certified veterinary specialists from around the country.

Research projects such as these are vital to the future of veterinary medicine. We were highly impressed with the caliber of the applications and are confident these veterinarians will go on to make a lasting contribution to pets.

The descriptions of the researchers’ studies are available by clicking on the grantee’s name.  

·       Dr. Ciara Barr, ACVAA resident in anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania

·       Dr. Kelley Doocy, ACVIM-Cardiology resident at Texas A&M

·       Dr. Lynn Griffin, ACVR resident in radiology at Colorado State University

·       Dr. Daniela Hernandez, ASVCP resident in clinical pathology at Cornell University

·       Dr. Jo-Annie Letendre, ACVECC resident in emergency/critical care at Cornell University

·       Dr. Danielle Pollio, ACVECC resident in emergency/critical care at BluePearl

Veterinary Partners-Tampa

·       Dr. Matthew Turner, ACVECC resident in emergency/critical care at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists