I am grateful to have this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for you having afforded me the financial support for treating Sonny’s cancer.

(Five-month-old) Sonny had stopped eating and tumors were slowly growing in his shoulder areas and below the jawline.  The cancer treatments brought back his appetite and slowed the growing process of his tumors.

Sonny was a very exceptional cat that was highly social and perceived people's emotions. During Sonny's last month on a trip to a friend's house he spent the time gravitating towards a friend with breast cancer. His high energy and playfulness he displayed when healthy was also attempted when he was at his lowest level of health.  He continued to follow me throughout the apartment during my summer vacation.  He was a constant companion as I watched tv throughout the day and curled around my neck as I slept throughout the night.  He valiantly greeted me at the door, wagging his tail after I completed morning errands.

He became a showcase for the Frankie's Friends Foundation because of the many tourists and visitors that witnessed us interacting in Central Park.  Many people assumed that I was a cat trainer because of the way Sonny was following me throughout the park and how he responded to me calling him when he strayed from me. The visitors were told that Sonny was being treated by the Frankie's Friends Foundation and I told them they could donate to help benefit animals suffering from cancer. Sonny's last great memory for me was the group of 16 teenagers visiting the park and who each held Sonny individually saying how they each would like to take him home with them.

I want to thank you for extending Sonny's life with your cancer treatments.  Sonny truly taught me through his sufferings what unconditional love is.