I would like to thank everyone who made funding possible for our dog Q.B. I appreciate Frankie's Friends' help so that Q.B could have cancer treatment. I never thought Q.B would be diagnosed with lymphoma. He is such a sweet and loving dog who's been through a lot in his years. When he was 3-weeks-old he had major surgery to fix his jaw. Sadly, his previous owner left him at the hospital and never came back for him.  Q.B was put up for adoption, and I took him home.  I felt Q.B and I were meant for each other.

He is such a beautiful pit bull who has had years of happiness and lots of love in his life. When I got the news that Q.B has lymphoma, it crushed my heart. Both of my parents are cancer survivors, so we have gone through this before, but it was still heartbreaking to me and my parents, to find out about Q.B.'s cancer diagnosis.

I am so grateful to Dr. Agnes Varis and Frankie's Friends for making this possible for Q.B.

From Q.B. and his grateful family