Thank you to Frankie's Friends Zeus Varis Fund, which has given my beloved pet cat Dusty a second chance at life.  After thirteen wonderful healthy years with Dusty he developed lymphoma. Through chemo therapy Dusty has an excellent chance for remission.  Without the Zeus Varis Fund Dusty would not have this chance.  I can't express my gratitude enough to Dr. Varis and all those associated with Frankie's Friends/Zeus Varis Fund for giving my beautiful pet Dusty a fighting chance.

Dusty is still in the process of treatment, but whatever happens, I can rest easy knowing that all that can be done for Dusty is being done.

Thank you and the oncology team at the NYC Veterinary Specialists from the bottom of my heart -- and Dusty's too!  Keep up the good work!

Forever grateful,

Deborah & Dusty