I want to let you know how much your support means to me and my family. Our wonderful and loving dog Tasha was diagnosed with lymphoma in early September. We were heartbroken and devastated by this news but our vets explained to us that Tasha's condition had a good chance of responding well to chemo treatments, so we started them that week. Tasha is doing much better! So far she has received four treatments. Her appetite and energy is back. Watching her run around and play you would never guess that she is sick. She goes running in the park with me every day, plays ball, and chases squirrels (never catches them) and is her happy, playful self again.

We cherish every day we have with our Tasha and are so grateful for the medical care she is receiving. Dr. Oberthaler and all the staff at NYC veterinary specialists have been kind and helpful.

Without the support of the Zeus Varis Fund of Frankie's Friends we would not be able to pay all of Tasha's medical bills. We are so very grateful for this fund and the loving support that makes it possible.

With much thanks and deep gratitude,


Maggie, Frank, and Tasha