Avery was a foster cat, sleeping in her litter box in a cage. I had fostered a cat before and felt good about providing a nice home while they waited for a permanent one. When I brought Avery home it was different than any other cat I had fostered before. Avery had a cold and had the tiniest sneeze. She had an eye infection and a scratched cornea. She followed me into every room and meowed. I thought she was starving so I tried feeding her every  type of pet food the local deli had to offer. I knew that this sweet little creature needed to be taken care of and she had won my heart. I knew that night that this cat was mine to love and care for. She needed care and protection and I was going to give that to her. Eventually, Avery found a food she liked, but she still meowed. It turned out she is just a chatty cat. Avery will happily sit on anyone's lap and purr. Her nightly ritual is snuggling up against us when we sleep. She has been referred to as a "feline bathroom escort"- no one can go to the bathroom without her, she will scratch at the door until she is granted entrance. She is not an independent cat, she always wants to be with people. Avery waits all day for her humans to come home and pet her. She has the loudest purr. On nights when we had no heat she would rub her face against mine and ask to be let under the covers.

Avery has given us so much love and warmed our hearts for nine years. Finding out she has lymphoma was devastating, a total shock. I have been able to take care of her so well until now. I was heartbroken thinking that she would only have a month or two left and I could not afford the treatment that could prolong her life. This funding has given us hope, it gives Avery a chance to snuggle close for a few more months, for us to love and take care of her. It is impossible to express our gratitude for this extreme act of kindness that has changed our lives and shown us the very best of human nature.

Thank you for giving us a light during this unexpected and very difficult time.

Jason & Avery