Our dog Angel was diagnosed with stage II lymphoma in September of 2009.  Thankfully, Angel was a candidate for a life-saving canine bone marrow transplant at NC State; the bone marrow transplant is the only possible cure for dogs with lymphoma.  The only thing standing between Angel and her cure was money.  We were able to fund the chemotherapy, and we had to raise the additional $16,000 needed for Angel’s BMT.  We applied everywhere for financial aid, and after several weeks we finally had a breakthrough. Angel’s vet emailed Frankie’s Friends asking if they had any grants available in our area.  Frankie’s Friends wasn’t able to offer a donation, however their offer was incredible.  Frankie’s Friends agreed to accept donations on Angel’s behalf.  This was just the breakthrough we needed!  Once Frankie’s Friends decided to help we had instant credibility and were able to offer donors a tax deduction.  Suddenly, doors flew open where walls once stood.  It was amazing!  Because of Frankie’s Friends we were able to fund-raise for Angel on Facebook, and we raised close to $2,500!  Frankie’s Friends donated directly to the school when Angel checked in and the rest is history.

May 6, 2011 marks Angel’s 7th birthday and her one-year post-BMT anniversary!  Angel just received her one-year post-BMT test results and she is still 100% CANCER FREE without medication or radiation. : )

THANK YOU Frankie’s Friends for helping us Save Angel’s life!  We are forever grateful for your kindness. You are TRUE SAINTS!!


Kristie & Angel