Please, meet Barney! Barney is a character. Barney loves everyone and everyone loves Barney. I live a simple life and Barney is the most important part of my existence and my days. He makes my life full.

When I first learned of Barney's diagnosis, I was in shock, I was desperate. Barney 's veterinarian recommended Dr. Timothy Rocha at BluePearl Veterinary Partners. Finding Dr. Rocha and his staff gave me a sense of security and hope. It's a wonderful place.

It was Dr. Rocha that told us about Frankie's Friends and it felt like a 1000-pound rock had been lifted from my shoulders. Receiving a positive response was like opening the doors for Barney's cure. It will be an enormous help for us and we are forever grateful for that. On behalf of Barney, myself and all the dogs and cats that are helped through your foundation, a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Since all this happened Barney and I have had incredible support of friends and neighbors. Barney turned 8 years young on December 5th and our friends threw a birthday party for him at John Jay Park!

Barney's rehabilitation will mean more smiles, laughter, love and a neighborhood coming together to help bring Barney back to health and save a creature of God. And I will keep the gift of his loyalty, companionship and unlimited source of love by my side for much longer!

We love you for that.

Yours sincerely, Barney & his “Mom”

(The above was edited from a much longer, even sweeter letter of thanks from Barney’s “Mom”)