Dear Frankie's Friends, Shadow was a female Boston terrier who brought great joy to me and my family. She was such a special, sweet, and loving dog. In January 2011, when Shadow was 9 years old, we found out she had a brain tumor, which was devastating news. The doctor said there were different treatments that could be done such as surgery, chemo therapy, or radiation therapy, but unfortunately all the therapies were too expensive for my family. The doctor said if we didn't do any treatment Shadow would only live for about 4 more months, which was very hard to handle.

Frankie's Friends Zeus Varis Fund helped us pay for the surgery to remove Shadow’s tumor. Shadow had the surgery, did great, and recovered fast. Unfortunately, on January 11, 2012, our Shadow passed away.

I want to thank Frankie's Friends for giving us another year with our Shadow. My family and I are so appreciative! They gave us another year to kiss, hug, play, and enjoy our Shadow. We would not have had that time without Frankie's Friends help.

Frankie's Friends is amazing and I hope they could continue to give families more time with there pets like they did for Shadow and my family!

Thank you so much Frankie's Friends!

Shadow’s “mom”