Dear Frankie’s Friends, Venus, our wonderful beagle, has had the good fortune of being rescued twice in one lifetime. The first rescue was from a life of uncertainty and peril, as she was found wandering aimlessly on a desolate country road in the middle of the night -- an apparent victim of a heartless “dumper.” The second rescue was from an equally heartless and unrelenting perpetrator named “cancer.” Venus’s chances for survival were slim as her condition required expensive and specialized treatment.

Oasis Sanctuary was quickly losing hope of saving Venus. Then, Frankie’s Friends stepped in. After learning of Venus’s plight, Frankie’s Friends did not hesitate in offering us the money needed to help her.

Thanks to Frankie’s Friends, Venus will be undergoing the oncological treatment that will give her a new shot at life. Venus wouldn’t have stood a chance without your compassion and generosity. We at Oasis are eternally grateful for this tremendous act of love.

Frankie’s Friends are true friends, indeed.

With much admiration and gratitude, Venus' family November 9, 2009