Dear Frankie's Friends,Friday morning we learned about the severity of Pepper's cancer. We were told that without treatment she wouldn’t last more than four days, our hearts were broken. Chemotherapy treatments were out of our reach. We knew we could not afford the treatments even though we so badly wished that we could. Pepper is only 1 year old, we had imagined we would have her for many more years to come. She is a wonderful dog, very loving and friendly. She has been a blessing to us, always there to make our days. When we are feeling down, we can always count on pepper to cheer us up. Words truly cannot express how grateful we are to have received this generous grant from Frankie's Friends. We were devastated beyond belief, and when we were told that we may be able to receive funds to help us pay for her chemotherapy treatment we were just so ecstatic. This gift is truly a blessing, we are so grateful and can not believe the kindness that you have given us. We are so grateful and happy that we can give Pepper more time to live. Thank You, Joanna, Josh and of course Pepper