To Dr. Myers, Dr. Ball, Dr. Birchard, Jessica, Heidi, Hannah, Danni and everyone else at BluePearl and Frankie’s Friends: My best friend is still here today thanks to you! Custos is truly a gift, he warms hearts and brings light and laughter with him everywhere he goes.

Through this experience I have learned that true hero’s don’t fly around in costumes saving the world…. They show up to work every day in scrubs or polo, taking care of those we love and saving lives. All of you have gone above and beyond for my boy, me and our little family and keeping it whole. There will come a day when I will have to say goodbye to one of the best friends I have ever had, but thanks to all of you - today isn’t that day.

There are no words to adequately convey just how grateful and thankful we are to you.

Sincerely, Jeremy, Custos and Cado