Dear Frankie’s Friends, Samantha, our 10-year-old beagle who my wife & I rescued 9 years ago, became a happy-go-lucky pal who made us into our own little family. A few months ago we found a lump on her breast. After a CT scan we learned that Sam had cancer on her mammary gland in in her lung. Dr. Lachowicz at Blue Pearl felt that with surgery our little girl would be as good as new. That was great news until we we realized we could not afford the surgery. The thought of not being able to help Samantha because of our financial situation was heartbreaking. Dr. Lachowicz put us in touch with the staff at Frankie’s Friends, where we found our “Knights in Shining Armor.” Through the Zeus Varis Fund and the wonderful people at Blue Pearl, Samantha had her surgery.

We could never begin to thank EVERYONE enough for the help we received from this amazing charity. Thank you all who make this charity possible by supporting it either through donations or love for these wonderful animals. I would also like to recognize and thank Dr. Lachowicz for all of his support and concern for Samantha throughout this ordeal.

Forever grateful, Bernard & Christine [gallery link="file"]