Dear Frankie's Friends,
Goldie has been with our family for two and a half years. We got him as a ten-week-old puppy and he has been a big part of our family. As my step-daughter goes through her mother's battle with brain cancer, Goldie has been her best friend.
Today Goldie was in trouble. We didn't know what was wrong and we were sent to the ER.  After 16 months of unemployment my husband was only back at work a few months when we were told it was very serious. Goldie's red blood cell count was way too high.
We didn't have the resources to help Goldie the way he deserved. That's when Frankie's Friends and BluePearl came through. Goldie is currently being treated and we expect a full recovery.
Thank you Frankie's Friends and BluePearl!!!
- Jessica