To everyone at Frankie’s Friends, There is no way I could let Thanksgiving go by without sending you a letter.  Nova simply would not let it stand.  I can’t even begin to coherently describe our odyssey; watching my beloved jungle cat, a.k.a. my kitty, Nova, slowly grow thinner than she should’ve been, finding out after two vet visits that she had tumors in her chest and throat and a rather clinical synopsis of what that possibly meant.  The whirlwind of getting her to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners into the gentle hands of Dr. Lachowicz, who was calm, kind and reassuring, but honest about what testing might reveal.  The mixed emotions of relief in discovering she had “the most treatable cancer,” lymphoma, and the despair in realizing that my financial situation would never allow me to follow up on the necessary treatment to save Nova’s life.

Miou, a year younger than her sister Nova, had passed away from cancer only this past May, and I wasn’t able to do anything to help her, which is a living nightmare.  When Dr. Lachowicz introduced me to Frankie’s Friends and all the amazing work you do, I swear I heard the heavenly choir.  Tears of joy clogged my voice while speaking to Sharon and finding that we were indeed eligible, and your generosity brought me to my knees.  I never dreamed that such caring, compassionate people existed.  Knowing Frankie’s Friends had our back allowed me to concentrate on doing everything I could at home to encourage Nova’s health and comfort and proceed with a clear head as to her treatment and allowed me to be positive for myself and especially for Nova.

Sadly, despite the positive prognosis and treatment, Nova’s little body tired out and she left us on November 7th.  I am utterly devastated.  It has been one of the greatest comforts to me during this heartbreaking time to know that, thanks to Frankie’s Friends, Nova was able to have the best of care, which is what every parent desperately wishes to provide for their beloved four-legged child.  You made it possible for me to do all I could towards her recovery and it is something I shall never forget.

Neither will I forget your incredible kindness during our first conversations about Nova’s diagnosis and your wonderful compassion in sending a lovely condolence card later on.  The gratitude of my heart for all you’ve done for us (Nova’s remaining sister, Tara, and I) is deep and unending.  Frankie’s Friends were truly the answer to our prayers and my every thought in the future will be in how to help you to give to others the support you gave to me and Nova, the love of my life for nearly seventeen years.  God Bless you and everyone behind Frankie’s Friends and may He bless the memory of Frankie the sweet puppy who inspired such great love.  You truly are angels.

When I say my Thanksgiving grace, Frankie’s Friends will one of the things I am most thankful for.  Have a blessed holiday.

All My Gratitude and Best Wishes Always,