Pictures of AyasheThank you so much for all that you have done for Ayashe. She is very appreciative of your help, as is her mommy and daddy. I (Monique) am Native American and being proud of my heritage, wanted her name to mean something special. Ayashe is a Native word meaning little one. Ayashe also happens to be a Cree hero (though it is spelled a little differently).

Ayashe was adopted by us on Mother’s Day 2004 when she six months old. She was a stray who was found on a fire escape. The North Shore Animal League mobile home was parked not to far from our home. We went in and of all the cats there, we fell in love with her immediately. She came into our home that very same day after a visit to Dr. Halpern at Lefferts Animal Hospital in Queens. Well, as soon as she walked through the door, she let the world know that this was now her home. It was like she had always been there. She never really got out of the habit of being up high, as we would find her on the table, on top of the computer, dresser and in the window. We learned that she doesn’t just like looking at birds, but she likes to ‘bark’ at them. The first time she barked at a bird from the window, I could have sworn we had a dog in the house instead of a cat.

She is a very loving cat who takes over the room when she’s in it. She also takes over the bed, but then what pet doesn’t? She’s a happy little girl. We love her very much. Everyday she gives us unconditional love. She is more than a pet. She is family. We are so very fortunate to have her in our lives, and we are equally fortunate to have Frankie’s Friends, and the folks at the Zeus Varis Fund in our lives as well. This is the best Christmas gift we could have ever received.

Again, thanks from Ayashe, Monique, and Daniel!

Pictures of Ayashe