A champion snuggler, vocal “conversationalist” and little girl’s best friend, 9-year-old Maverick had already been granted a second-chance on life when the his family adopted him from a Georgia shelter in 2003. But by late 2012 his boundless energy had inexplicably begun to disappear, leaving owner Jennifer  to wonder if Maverick was simply settling into old-age or if something more ominous was happening. Thanks to tests by the family's primary care vet and collaboration with Georgia Veterinary Specialists, the dog received a critically important diagnosis: complete heart block, a relatively rare condition that was preventing vital, beat-regulating signals from reaching Maverick’s heart, slowing it—and him—to a slug’s pace. A pacemaker would be the only remedy; without one, Maverick would likely have less than six months to live. With the device, he could enjoy a long, normal life.

The family was devastated but resigned to do anything needed to help their furry family member. Unfortunately layoffs and the financial strain of a new business had left the family without the resources to pay for the surgery their pet so desperately needed. Frankie’s Friends gave Maverick the chance he deserved. In partnership with GVS and thanks to donations, Maverick received a pacemaker. Maverick is now thriving, and Jennifer insists “he’s just like a puppy again.” GVS cardiologist Dr. Brandon Pogue adds “The ability of Frankie's Friends to provide funds to help Maverick and his family receive an ultimately life-saving therapy has been such a great experience.”

Maverick's family considers his recovery a gift, and that’s exactly what it is. The gift of life for dogs and cats with treatable illnesses but from loving families who cannot afford their care—a gift only you can make. Jennifer adds, “We are not ones to ask for charity or handouts. That is why we were so thankful to learn about Frankie’s Friends. Knowing that there was a way for us to save Maverick and take some of the financial burden off was a huge relief.  I truly believe that what goes around comes around.”

Pets are all heart. In this case, it also took a few generous human ones to bring Maverick’s back to life. Can you be one of them for another pet and family in need? Make a donation to Frankie's Friends today and direct it to the Georgia Hope Fund to help more local pets like Maverick !