It’s Mother’s Day and it’s also Cookie Monster’s sixth anniversary as part of our family. It’s been three months since Cookie Monster was diagnosed with lymphoma and I thought her life was over.   Instead, our sweet pug is chasing squirrels, barking at trucks, and enjoying the cool tranquil breeze that blows through her back yard.

Cookie Monster spent her first four years of life being leashed to a table and left to eat rocks for food.  I remember her at age four, arriving at our door by surprise.  I didn’t know what to make of the grumbling thing who came into our yard. But I soon learned.

We enjoyed six great years together when our little Monster began to faint each time she became excited.  After many examinations and tests we learned that the pug’s flat face and tiny nose might have caused a breathing issue.  It was then that a pre-surgical test revealed a radical change in her blood count.  I was devastated to find that my little girl had cancer.

After having the cancerous tumor removed, I was out of funds and desperate. Without chemotherapy, Cookie Monster would perhaps have four months to live.  I contacted every animal rescue organization to which I was a member, hoping for guidance in my time of need.  Dr. Lachowicz of Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners suggested I contact Frankie’s Friends.

In less than two weeks after submitting an application for assistance through the Zeus Varis Fund at Frankie’s Friends, Cookie Monster was accepted to receive assistance.  I don’t know if I cried more when I learned about the Zeus Varis Funds/Frankie’s Friends'  act of kindness or when I learned about Cookie Monster’s diagnosis.  I had never been given anything in my life.

Thank you for giving me hope, thank you for your swift life saving response, thank you for giving me time to accept the inevitable, thank you for showing my young daughter why you shouldn’t give up, thank you for reminding me that strangers can be better friends than friends, thank you for my Mother’s Day gift.  Thank you.

Lynn Wilson & Family

Cookie Monster, the Pug