Dear Zeus Varis Fund, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your organization is truly an angel of mercy. When I found my sweet Bubba was diagnosed with GI Lymphoma, I was heartbroken beyond compare. Bubs, a rescue pet from the ASPCA, has been with me since he was 9 months old. He has always been there to nuzzle and fawn over me. I knew treatment for the best prognosis would have been beyond my means. Merson, Bubba picBubs has given me so much love and joy throughout my life, I wanted to give him the best care in return. Without your contribution, I would not have been able to provide the care he deserves. It means so much to me to have a chance to spend more precious time with my beloved Bubba.


Marcia and Bubba

Merson, Bubba pic2