Wolf, Shusha pic2I am deeply grateful for your financial support to help with treatment for my girl cat, Shusha. Shusha is a beloved pet of many years and I always told her I would take good care of her.  Your financial support has enabled me to do so. Wolf, Shusha pic10Shusha, her boy tabby and best friend, ‘Baby’ Jake, and I are all overwhelmed by your generosity and the generosity of Dr. Rocha and the Blue Pearl team.  Per your letter I will pay my portion of the treatment and the Zeus Varis funding will only be used for  cancer treatment. Lastly, it would be Shusha’s honor to be featured on your website.

It was terrible to have to go to a new veterinarian, an oncology specialist, and a new team, at the point when I learned my cat was diagnosed with cancer.  I walked into Blue Pearl and the environment was clean and spacious, with big gorgeous pictures of dogs and cats on the wall, and Nicole at the front desk was a warm, welcoming and calming presence.  Dr. Rocha was Wolf, Shusha pic5compassionate with Shusha and talked softly through my fear to make sure I understood where we were at in the assessment process. Dr. Rocha then called me at 7pm on July 3rd -before the holiday weekend - so I did not have to wait for the results, allowing me to make treatment decisions as fast as possible. Very soon after my first visit I felt like the front desk staff and the Radiation Technicians were like our old and trusted friends and like they treated Shusha as if she were part of their own family.

Going to a specialty vet daily with my cat has been a journey. It is sad for me to see all the other pets in distress; I have been so touched by the exceptional care and support of everyone at Blue Pearl.  They seem to respect each pet as a unique being and treat each pet parent with gentle kindness. Shusha and I have been bonding - spending lots of time together getting coffee in the morning, riding the bus during the recent heat wave, occasionally taking a taxi when we are late. She has been in good spirits and is eating, playing and purring. We are almost half way through treatment and feeling hopeful.

On behalf of me, and my precious cats, thank you for your generous support,

DanaWolf, Shusha pic8