Boomer - pic 1I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the donors of Frankie's Friends very much for helping my Shitzu Boomer have his surgery. Blue Pearl Veterinary helped Boomer for several months treating his right eye to try and save his sight and eye, but I was financially unable to afford the expensive treatment and Boomer was suffering. He was living in an E collar for over three months and on pain medication. It was finally decided that his right eye could not be saved and for Boomer's future well being it had to be removed.

Thank you very much to Jessica Stein and her team at Blue Pearl Clearwater for taking very good care of Boomer. Within one week of having his right eye removed he was fully adjusted and totally pain free.

When my financial circumstance change I will not hesitate to donate to Frankie's Friends.

Thank you all very very much Andrea

Boomer - pic2