Van Every, Dottie pic3Dear Friends at the Zeus Varis Fund, We realize that all pets are special members of families, and Dottie is no exception! She adopted us on June 29, 2008 at the North Shore Animal League. Waltzing over and planting wet kisses Van Every, Dottie pic2on my husband and I, we knew she was the one. Over the years she has been such an incredibly sweet and playful dog, always there to greet us, and everyone with loving kisses.

In 2011, when our daughter was born, Dottie more than welcomed her, and has become a real protector. She is hugely patient and sweet with our toddler and her antics. We always imagined them to be "BFFs" for many many years.

As you can imagine, Dottie's sickness, especially at such a young age, has been very difficult for all of us, and so we thank you sincerely for your generous support!

Van Every, Dottie pic1Warmest regards,

The Van Every Family