The-day-Koda-girl-came-homeKoda's owner was devastated when the 6-month-old puppy suddenly lost the use of her legs. A trip to BluePearl GVS revealed growth plate fractures in both of Koda's hind legs, an injury that would cause long-term walking problems and progressive arthritis if not corrected by surgery. Unfortunately, Koda's owners had just experienced a series of their own medical emergencies that left them financially drained. They sadly resigned to taking the puppy home without treatment. Frankie's Friends stepped in though to make the mobility-saving procedure possible, giving Koda a chance at the normal life she deserved. Today, she's recovering-and walking-well. "The whole ordeal reminded me of the generosity and compassion of others," says Koda's owner. "I wouldn't have made it through that day without this amazing gift from Frankie's Friends."