I had just been laid off when Chicho was diagnosed with lymphoma. He was lethargic, almost not eating, limping and complaining of pain. We were devastated and worried because of the costs of the treatment and we could not afford it. Chicho is our companion and shines so much light in our home, he picks us up when we are down and shares every minute of joy. We were not ready to just let him go without a fair fight, but how would we pay for the treatment?

Frankie’s Friends stepped in to help us with a large portion of the treatment costs and Chicho is feeling so much better, he is eager to go for his daily walk and when I let him loose he runs like he always used to, he shows no signs of pain and eagerly finishes his meals. I would like to than all of those selfless donors that made this happen for us and my promise is that when my financial situation improves I will pay it forward. I am forever grateful.