I am so so grateful for all you have done for us.  The start of the unfortunate journey was going back and forth between two vets for the first two days and one of the vets told me I should put her down because she would never walk again and won't eat. The over night vet suggested I go to BluePearl because of the quality of care there.  I almost put her down twice but each time she rebounded before we did.  That's when it was suggested to go there. That was the best move ever.  The care she got was above and beyond what I could have hoped for.  They had her up and walking and eating after a few days. It was a little touch and go for a bit at first but everyone there gave her 24 hr.care and they even let me come and sit with her late at night when no one was around at 4am.  It took a little longer to get to where we could take her home but taking the chance and saving her was worth the cost.  I couldn't live with myself knowing we put her down just because of the vet bill when she could get better... she just needed the chance.  Time. And you guys gave that to us! I can't thank you enough!

Here are some pics of Noel , during and after and her best friend Maximus my german shepard.

I thank you and Blue Pearl... you go above and beyond helping animals.... and the people who love them!