Dear Frankie's Friends: It has occurred to me that if Frankie's Friends had waited to respond to my need for assistance, my dog Stella would not still be with me.

After spending thousands of dollars of my own money on Stella's medical care, I came to the realization that I was financially unable to continue with her surgeries & cancer and had begun to consider that after all that we had been through she may end up needing to be euthanized after all. I felt very ashamed that I was seriously contemplating that option but I had gone through my savings and could not afford to keep adding to my credit card debt. It was a situation and decision that I never thought that I would have to face. Thanks to Frankie's Friends and BluePearl I didn't have to.

Frankie's Friends stepped in and Stella was able to continue with her treatments. Today she is a happy, healthy dog and I am grateful to have her. She even got to be on TV to promote a FF's fundraising event and she did great!

Thank you again