My kitten “Suki” was rescued from a hotel where the mother cat was hit by a car when she was 6 weeks old. I named her Suki (Sookie) because it means “beloved” in Japanese. There were 5 or 6 abandoned kitties but I chose her because she was the most affectionate. At 4 months old she played with (and chewed on) a piece of a philodendron that was on a window sill and became ill. I took her to my Vet and learned that her kidneys were failing. They kept her on an IV, flushing out the toxins during the day, and at night she stayed at BluePearl, where her treatment continued. After 3 days and nights, her tests showed within normal range and I brought her home. Two days later she was not eating and acting lethargic so I took her back to the Vet. Her kidney values were elevated again. The Vet suggested we admit her to BluePearl and keep her there rather than transport her back and forth each day and night. The workers at Blue Pearl were exceptional. They not only cared for her medical needs but played with her and loved her like she was their own. I was not financially prepared for this kind of emergency. I did not have the funds to even cover one emergency visit to the vet, let alone testing and treatment.

I did have a Care Credit card, but with limited funds allowed. By the end of the 3 days at the Vet and 3 days at Blue Pearl, those funds were exhausted. I told the doctor I wasn’t sure what I would do, but that I was running out of means to pay for anymore treatment or tests. I called Care Credit and was able to increase my available credit, but the increase only covered the bills I had already incurred. It broke my heart because I knew I didn’t have any other options and feared I would have to just bring Suki home and watch her die. On the last evening I could afford to keep her at Blue Pearl, I met with Dr. Steven Tutela. He explained that there was a fund available to the doctors allowing them to offer patients assistance with their medical bills. He said he would be willing to offer his portion toward Suki’s treatment. I was overwhelmed that someone I had just met would be willing to offer to help me. I had never heard of anything like this before.

Dr. Tutela’s offer gave me hope and the help from Frankie’s Fund allowed Suki to continue treatment until her kidney levels were safe for her to return home. Suki has been home for two weeks now and is doing well. Her Vet, Dr. Danielle Lore at Banfield has been monitoring her kidney function, and she is steadily improving. I can never adequately thank those who have donated to Frankie’s Fund –for the difference they have made in my life. Their compassion and mercy have deeply touched my heart.

Once I get my bills caught up, I will be more than willing to donate to Frankie’s Fund –to allow them to help someone else in similar circumstances. I thank God for people who have a heart for animals and for the compassion they show toward others. I have been truly blessed and am ever grateful.