TimmyTimmy’s Story It is important to tell a little about Timmy’s family to understand his story. Timmy’s Dad has a blood disorder, at first the Doctors told him he had an early stage leukemia, recently they have told him that his blood work looks better, he may never develop that horrid disease. His Dad is still under the care of a cancer center and that will never change. Timmy’s Mom had a stroke 10 years ago, this makes it impossible for her to work.  In June of 2010, their beloved dog son Cain, succumbed to Osteosarcoma. Shortly after Cain died, Timmy’s Dad was hospitalized for what the doctors thought at the time was MDS. It was a very sad time for Timmy’s future family. Several months passed, the thought of how much happiness Cain had brought the family never left them. The family visited many shelters, feeling that there was a dog child waiting for them. Meeting Timmy One day as the Mom was at a shelter, a woman walked in. She had this tiny little dog that was flea ridden. This little dog boy had no hair on his back, was lethargic with no energy. When he saw the Mom he pepped up and kept trying to get to her. The women explained that her best friend had died and Timmy had been the friend’s dog. The Mom picked up Timmy and they both felt love. The new Mom asked to keep Timmy, she feared he was too near death for the shelter to keep him alive. Everyone agreed Timmy could leave with her. Timmy’s new Mom took him immediately to her Vet. The Vet warned the new Mom that Timmy was in grave condition. Timmy was very weak due to blood loss from the fleas. Timmy also had a corneal ulcer that may cause him blindness. He asked the Mom, “DO you really know what you are getting into?”. The new Mom did not care, she and Timmy felt love and that was all that mattered. The Vet gave Timmy some medicine which killed the fleas. The Vet’s wife and Timmy’s new Mom spent a very long time bathing & combing out hundreds of dead fleas. Timmy returned physically to good health. In about a month he was doing tricks & smiling. Timmy had the heart of everyone that met him.

Timmy’s Eye

Hively, Timmy pic1Timmy’s new Mom was advised by her Vet that Timmy needed a Vet Ophthalmologist to attend to his eye. Timmy’s Mom took him to Blue Pearl Specialty clinic. The first 6 months the medications appeared to be keeping the eye ulceration stable. One morning Timmy’s Mom woke to find Timmy’s eye swollen shut. She took Timmy to the specialty clinic that morning. There were medications prescribed, some every 2 hours around the clock, Timmy’s Mom did not mind. Timmy was in pain, she just wanted to help him. After 10 days the Vet said that an infection had invaded the eye. The only option was to remove the eye, glaucoma had set in. Timmy’s parents had already spent over $2000 on his care. There were very few funds left for surgery.

Hively, timmy pic2Frankie’s Friends to the Rescue! The specialty clinic told the family that they could apply for help from Frankie’s friends. The three parties worked together. The Blue Pearl Specialty Clinic gave a discount, Frankie’s Friends gave a donation and the family had enough to pay the rest. The surgery was done. Timmy still has a regime of eye treatments for the eye he has left, however the family is coping beautifully. Timmy is healthy and happy again. Thank you for all the people involved that helped Timmy!