Jazzy Jane is our American Pit Bull Terrier. She became a big part of our family in 2009. Jazzy Jane is the most loving and caring dog. She enjoys walking, riding on the boat and playing with our other three dogs. She lets our three year old son climb on her and pull her tale and she just lays there. Jazzy also like to be under the covers at night. On April 25th 2014 I had noticed that she had discharge. I felt this was not normal so I had called the Northwoods Animal Hospital in Princeton MN.  I brought her to see Doctor Jeremy Riddle and he diagnosed her with pyometra and said that she needed to go down to BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Blaine MN for a surgery to remove her uterus and ovaries. If it was not handled right away she would have died in hours. We walked into BluePearl Hospital and they were very friendly. Doctor McCormick spoke with us about how much the surgery would be. Dave had just started a new job and I was working two jobs to support my family. Then Doctor McCormick said that that Frankie’s Friends would help to cover part of the cost. I was so thankful that they could help with the balance. I broke into tears when I was told about Frankie’s Friends. I had not heard of Frankie’s Friends until that day. They are a blessing and help families in a hard situations. Jazzy had surgery that evening to remove the infected area. She pulled through surgery just fine. We were able to pick Jazzy up Saturday April 26th in the afternoon. She is doing very well and is at home eating and drinking.