Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for our tiny family. Little Ferret and her big brother, Woozle, are truly the lights of our life. We began to notice Little Ferret losing weight a few weeks ago but didn't think anything was out of the ordinary until a few nights ago. Panicking, I took her to two veterinarians in the Clearwater area who were both unable to diagnose the issue and not very optimistic. Little Ferret was quickly beginning to fade, and I knew if there was any chance to save her life she must be taken to the specialists at BluePearl. Doctor Lightfoot came out and spoke with Josh (my boyfriend and father of our furry babies) and I, and although we were still unsure as to what was causing the problem, her optimism and extensive knowledge of these pocket pets lifted out spirits. After a physical examination, Doctor Lightfoot diagnosed Little Ferret with intestinal obstruction and my heart sank into the ground. Josh and I are both in our early 20's and putting ourselves through college on minimum wage; neither one of us would been able to pay for Little Ferret's treatment. Dr. Lightfoot mentioned something about a program and having "a few credits left that could possibly help us", then left the room to find a manager. When Jennifer Buckley came in and told us about your program and outlined the procedure cost and what we would be paying out of pocket, the feelings of relief, happiness and gratitude was completely overwhelming- I can honestly say I have no relocation of ever crying tears of joy as I did last night. Little Ferret made it through the night and her surgery performed around 12:30 this afternoon with (to my knowledge) no complications. We will be able to visit her this evening! Doctor Lightfoot, BluePearl, and everyone involved with Frankie's Friends truly gave us a gift that we hope to help give to someone else one day.