An Atlanta metro area rescue, Sasha came to her family as a small, lovable ball of fluff. Today, she’s a significantly larger but just as lovable fluffy companion—an intelligent, Alaskan malamute mix with a passion for splashing about in water and a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Diagnosed with epilepsy at about a year old, Sasha had been doing well on medication. Unfortunately, the frequency of her seizures increased, resulting in more than a dozen a day. Her owners were terrified. Fortunately, Frankie’s Friends and BluePearl GVS were there to help.

Emergency and ongoing care of epilepsy was a cost Sasha’s student owners would not be able to cover. “Without treatment, the dog would need to be euthanized,” the BluePearl GVS veterinarian noted.

Frankie’s Friends helped provide financial support for the needed care, putting Sasha squarely on the road to recovery. Today, her health is much improved—and her family’s gratitude is as outsized as she is. “Frankie’s Friends was so helpful, and we intend to give back in the future so even more loving families can take care of their pets like we did.”