At just four pounds, Jojo, a 3½-year-old Chihuahua, is proof that tremendous love comes in small packages. Far from the stereotypical little dog with a big attitude, Jojo is an even-tempered sweetheart who loves to explore outdoors and sticks to her family like glue. When the little dog started acting out of sorts and then stopped eating, her family became worried. Given the severity of symptoms, Jojo’s primary veterinarian referred her to BluePearl Georgia Veterinary Specialists where she was found to be septic--her body dangerously inflamed from an infection. An ultrasound provided a diagnosis: Jojo had a ruptured gallbladder, which caused an infection in her abdomen. The condition was serious—a surgical emergency—and without immediate treatment, Jojo would not recover. Though her family was committed to doing anything necessary to save their dog’s life, a recent layoff made the cost of treatment unaffordable. Fortunately, Frankie’s Friends was able to help with Jojo’s surgery and recovery costs. Today’s she’s eating well and has resumed her position as family cuddle-bug.

Jojo started life as a gift to her family’s daughter. Today, her life itself is a gift. “I will be always and forever grateful for all of the doctors, vet techs and of course Frankie’s Friends for everything they did for us and Jojo,” says her “mom.” “They are truly the best.”