Xena, a 12-year old chow chow mix,came into her humanmom’s life by chance, but quickly became a best friend, protector, comforter and joyful companion. While out of town visiting her terminally ill father, she learned that Xena stopped eating and began vomiting. Xena had a painful condition where the gallbladder becomes obstructed and can rupture. Surgery was needed and with treatment Xena could expect a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Xena’s mom did not have the resources to afford this vital treatment. “I was heartbroken. I had been coping with my dad’s illness; the thought of possibly losing Xena was just unbearable,” she says. Frankie’s Friends, however, was able to step in and provide funds to cover the surgery in this family’s time of need.

Today, Xena is fully recovered and is back to her wiggly, friendly self. Xena’s mom is immensely grateful, and hopes to pay it forward. “I owe Xena’s life and much of my happiness to Frankie’s Friends,” she says. “It is my most sincere hope that I will be able to be a donor in the future to help others who might be in the same position.”