Desert is a unique dog, to say the least. Born with a broken tail that curves around in the shape of a question mark, he is blind (the result of a congenital defect) and his favorite food is a ripe banana. He sleeps on his back, paws propped against the closest wall or doorway, where he is often found “impeding traffic” as his human mom says. Regardless of being unique, he’s loved immensely by his family. So when a routine checkup led to a diagnosis of multicentric lymphoma—a common canine cancer with no known cause—everyone who loves Desert was understandably worried. Chemotherapy offers a chance at remission and a longer life, so Desert was started on 16 rounds over 6 months at BluePearl Georgia Veterinary Specialists. Unfortunately, his family exhausted their funds a little more than halfway through treatment. “It brought back memories of my grandmother having chemo and losing her battle with cancer,” Desert’s mom said. Frankie’s Friends stepped in with funding to help Desert complete his chemo sessions. Today, Desert is recovering well. “He always makes me smile,” says the BluePearl veterinarian who treated him. “I am so glad we were able to finish his treatments with the help of Frankie’s Friends!”