I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Frankie's Friends for helping to save the life of my French Bulldog, Beignet. Somehow, weeks earlier, sneaky Beignet managed to eat a peach and the pit remained in her system for weeks. Around July 31st, she was not her usual friendly and spunky self.


I took her to Blue Pearl when she wouldn't stop vomiting. X-rays didn't reveal the problem and exploratory surgery was needed.

I walked into Blue Pearl with $250 in my bank account which took care of the initial fees. As a family of five with one income earner, we have very little left after paying the essentials each month.

I had no money in the bank, my family doesn't use credit cards and sadly I knew I couldn't afford to save my dog. I had to ask the vet what the costs were for euthanasia. What a horrible choice to make.

I was VERY upset that because I had no money, I was going to have to put my dog to sleep and would have to live with the fact that I failed her.

I opened a line of credit with CareCredit and fortunately was approved for $500 but that was no where near the amount I needed for the surgery.

The vet was kind enough to advise us that Frankie's Friends could help and thanks to your organization my dog is now better than her previous self!

I've attached a few pictures of Beignet. I can't thank Frankie's Friends enough for the help. Please know that your help had a HUGE impact on not only my dog's life, but mine personally and those of my family members.

The loss of Beignet would have been devastating. She was a rescue from the French Bulldog Rescue Network and I really would have had a deep problem with putting her down simply because I could afford the emergency care she needed.

Please accept my deepest and most sincere gratitude for the help.