Frankie’s Friends donated funds for Simon’s recovery. He went missing for 8 weeks and we think he got locked in a garage or shed by accident just after Christmas time.  He lost half of his body weight. 16 lbs down to 8! He has a whole mess of problems but the veterinarians and staff at BluePearl in Clearwater, Florida think he’s getting stronger. He’s still in the hospital but we’re hoping to take him home soon. He’s been our sweet baby for so long.

The donation made toward his medical bills was just amazing. It really helped us and gave us hope. Until now, we had not heard of Frankie's Friends but now we have a new fantastic organization to work for. We’re going to try to help others and support Frankie's Friends once our Simon is better. Thank you very much for the love and support. Frankie’s Friends is truly a great organization. We can’t thank you enough.