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Friends of Frankie

Read Gem's Incredible Story

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Gem’s 29-year-old owner died of a bacterial infection. His neighbor and friend, Lauren Glick, took in Gem (right), who is a long-time pal of Lauren’s dog, Tiggie (left). But now this family formed from tragedy has a new ordeal to overcome: Gem was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Read the full, heart-warming story in the 12/27/2009 NY Post. Frankie’s Friends’ Cure Canine Lymphoma project and the Zeus Varis Fund are joining with NY Post readers to pay for Gem’s cancer treatment.  To help with the cost of treatment for Gem, please write in the donation form, “For Gem” or “For Gem or for the next pet in need.” Like all gifts to Franki'es Friends, your gift will be tax deductible.

Thank you … and a very happy, pet-healthy new year!

Little Ann Andersen

Little Ann was a sweet-as-could-be Italian Greyhound. Like her namesake, the endearing hound from Where the Red Fern Grows, she was fiercely loyal and very intelligent. She loved to give her family "hugs," smother us with kisses, and cuddle next to us under a blanket. She lived a long and happy life, but succumbed to lung cancer in 2004. She passed away gracefully, with her mom by her side. We miss you Little Ann!

Lily Andersen

Lily found her way into our lives after having lived her first year at the breeder's. She was under socialized and very skittish. She quickly bonded with her mother and can always be found right at her feet. In her later years, Lily has really come into her own. Her personality has blossomed, while at the same time overcoming the medical hardships of a cancer diagnosis and numerous other ailments. Seemingly unfazed by whatever curveballs life throws her, Lily is our little warrior. She is the Italian Greyhound that keeps on going!

Help needed for Hendrix

Hendrix is my amazing four-year-old Great Dane-mix. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma last week and I've been grappling with the diagnosis ever since. They say that I found it early and could respond well to combination therapy. I've been looking into all of my options, including tons of fundraising, but nothing will help in the immediate future. Please help us, it would mean the world! Woof, woof from Frankie: PLEASE SEND YOUR DONATION TO FRANKIE'S FRIENDS TO HELP HENDRIX!

Monty Morris

Monty is an adorable and energetic Italian Greyhound.  He loves a spirited game of fetch with a tennis ball and would do almost anything for a bite of his favorite food, turkey.  Monty is forever grateful to NYC Veterinary Specialists for their perfect repair of his fractured leg.  He is good as new now and hopes his involvement with Frankie's Friends will help other dogs get great medical care.

Korben Swander

Korben is a true comedian with his animated ears and zest for life. His favorite things are his "frizeby" which is code word for any toy, his walks, dragging rugs around the house and licking Dad's face before going to bed. He is quite the lizard catcher too and very proud of it. He always has to bring them inside to show and tell.

Lee Loo Swander

Lee Loo is miss sweet thing. She wouldn't dare sit down on the floor or a piece of furniture if there was a lap available to sit on. It wouldn't even matter whose lap it was. She also has the best internal food clock of any dog out there and does this great dance for her food, as if she hasn't eaten in a year.


Ollie Northrup is taking a break from various shenanigans to have his picture taken and to join Frankie's Friends.


Hey, Frankie, I just wanted to say "hi" from Syracuse, where all of us dogs and cats and other critters think you are doing nice work! Keep it up.

Woof, woof!

From Lexie Dole


Butchie Cardella sends his greetings to all of Frankie's Friends! Keep up the good work, Frankie.

Montague Myles Lake

Montague came to me in the wake of the loss of my beloved whippet George.

As a fairly shy guy, an Italian Greyhound, he abandoned his usual demeanor and attached himself to me, as if he sensed my grief. He has remained my constant shadow, a one-person dog. In short, he has saved me.


Dear Frankie: Have you ever seen anything as cute as this guy?

Rescued in 2004, he and his brother, P-Kitty, have given us love and attention nonstop since they set foot in our house. Perpetually hungry, he nevertheless remains his svelte self. Talkative, friendly, and innocent, Munchkin is a little confused about what species he really is – part cat, part dog, part human, part angel. We are so lucky he adopted us. You do great work, Frankie. Keep it up!

Your four-legged friends, Munchkin, P-Kitty, Gertrude, and Polly