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More Time With Parker

When our veterinarian told us that the lumps on Parker’s neck could be an infection or lymphoma, my heart sank. I tried to stay positive and hope that it was only an infection. A few days later, we received a diagnosis of lymphoma and we were devastated. We’ve had Parker since he was 8 weeks old, and after 11 years of companionship, it felt impossible to imagine coming home from work and not seeing his face.

Thanks to your generosity and all the amazing people at Frankie’s Friends, we have more time to spend with Parker, time that we thought we wouldn’t have.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Emilia and family

P.S. Parker is doing great and responding well to the treatments!

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Frankie's Friends Help Byron and Family Through Tough Time


“Mark and I continue to be grateful everyday for the compassionate care we received at BluePearl and the financial assistance we received from Frankie’s Friends. They went above and beyond to help save our dog, Byron. When Byron needed surgeries my husband and I had used every bit of our savings to save his life. Byron is living a happy and healthy life today – he lived to meet his siblings, the two boys we have since had. We can’t imagine life without him. Thank you for all the work you do!”  — Byron’s Family

Dear Frankie's Friends, Words cannot express how very grateful we are to have received assistance in paying for Byron's hospital care. On the morning of May 21, Byron, our Doberman, awoke shaking and drooling excessively. Within 24 hours his fever had spiked to over 105 degrees and we were rushing him to our local veterinarian. Unable to make a diagnosis, we were referred to BluePearl Veterinary Partners specialty and emergency hospital in Tampa. From the moment we walked in the door, we were welcomed and assured that they would do everything possible to help our baby. After a harrowing recovery from pancreatitis, Byron continued to do poorly. Six weeks later, he was continuing to lose weight and was unable to keep either his medication or solid food down. We then learned he had an esophageal stricture.

Byron is very much the center of our family, and he knows it! My husband and I have not been blessed with children, so we have poured all of our love and attention into our four-legged adopted child. We have spent everything we have on Byron's care and will continue to do so. That being said, the gift from Frankie's Friends could not have gone to a more appreciative family. When we reached the very end of what we could afford, your gift gave us so much hope that we weren't in this fight alone. We will forever be grateful to the donors for making this program possible!

Most Sincerely,

Jennifer, Mark and Byron

Byron playing on the beach

Byron playing on the beach

Byron in the grass 2

Byron in the grass 2

Byron at the beach

Byron at the beach

5K ‘Fun Run’ to Help Twin Cities’ Pets

Frankies Friends Fun Run MINNEAPOLIS – Frankie’s Friends’ third annual 5k run or walk fundraiser to help Twin Cities’ pets is scheduled to be held August 3 at Lake Harriet.

The fundraiser, Frankie’s Fun Run, is for people and pets and benefits pets whose families otherwise would not be able to afford life-saving emergency or specialty treatment.

"Each year we've been able to provide more help to pets whose families struggle financially," said Marcie Wagner, development director of Frankie's Friends in Minnesota. "Hopefully this year will be no exception and we'll be able to do even more with the continued support from our wonderful community."

The race starts at 9:30 a.m. and individuals can register in advance or the day of the event to participate.

Individuals participating in the race will receive a t-shirt, lunch and a chance to enter and win prizes.

Registration costs $40 and can be made in advance online at, or in person starting at 8 a.m. the morning of the event. Registered participants need to pick up their t-shirts and race numbers between 8 to 8:45 a.m.

Participants should meet at Beard’s Plaisance Park on the west side of Lake Harriet, located at 4135 West Lake Harriet Parkway in Minneapolis.

About 200 people are expected to participate.

For more information, visit the Frankie’s Friends website at or call the event hotline at 1.888.917.4467.


Date: July 11, 2013Contact: James P. Judge

Media & Public Relations ManagerFrankie’s Friends

813.549.7688, office

Truffles' Story of a Freed Spirit

Truffles, an active 1-year-old chocolate lab, never met a stuffed anything she didn’t love…to eat. Unfortunately, this insatiable appetite was almost the metro Atlanta canine’s undoing. When Truffles’ owner noticed she wasn’t playing or eating as usual, a visit to the veterinarian was in order. X-rays revealed something less than appetizing—an intestinal blockage caused by a foreign body, that if not removed could cause a rupture.

Unfortunately, the cost of prior medical issues left Truffles’ owner unable to afford the life-saving surgery the dog needed. Frankie’s Friends came to the rescue, making the procedure possible, unsticking Truffles from her predicament and returning her to her formerly frisky self.

“I’ve removed throw pillows and toys with stuffing,” says the dog’s mom. “And now we’re closer than ever. I thank Frankie’s Friends for this great gift.”

Truffles and Charlie Brown_Final(1)

Poco Receives Pacemaker Because of Frankie's Friends

Dear Frankie's Friends, Thank you so much for being an amazing foundation for pets in need.  My little buddy, Poco (12-years-old), developed sick sinus syndrome making it necessary for her to receive a pacemaker.  Sick sinus syndrome affects the electrical impulses in the heart and was causing Poco's heart to slow down so much so that it was literally stopping for 10-second periods.  Every time this happened, Poco would fall over, looking frightened, until her heart would start back up again.  It was scary for her and stressful for me not knowing if one of these episodes would be too much for her.

When I found out Poco needed a pacemaker I had no idea how I was going to pay for such a serious operation.  Then I found out about  Frankie's Friends, who came to Poco's rescue and helped us get the care she desperately needed.  I can't tell you how thankful I am for the kindness of your foundation.  I know how many animals you've helped already and now you've made it possible for me to have my partner in crime around for, hopefully, years to come.  If Poco could talk, I know she'd scream a big "Thank you!" to Frankie's Friends and your Eddie Fund!

Thank you soooooo much!

Kenny and Poco

Poco's care was funded by Frankie's Friends "Eddie Croman Fund" that assists pets with life-threatening heart or kidney conditions.


Barkley '150% Recovered'

Barkley—a sweet pit bull—could be considered a lot of things: an attention hog, a love-bug, and now thanks to Frankie’s Friends, a spectacular success story. At 6 years old, Barkley became gravely ill, constantly thirsty and unable to greet his family at the door (a favorite pastime). After a considerable quest to find the root of his illness, Barkley was diagnosed with a rare but curable disorder: primary hyperparathyroidism. His family, however, had exhausted their resources in their search for a cure and couldn’t afford lifesaving surgery. With heavy hearts, they considered euthanasia rather than let their beloved pet suffer. Frankie’s Friends of Georgia stepped in and helped pay for the life-saving procedure. Barkley now has the chance to live a long and healthy life, and his joyful family has their pet back. Today, he’s “150% recovered,” and to everyone’s delight, again able to “give that loving greeting when we walk through the door.”

Barkley Photo

Crash Saved after Blockage

Our family greatly appreciates everyone's assistance with saving our cat's life. He was completely blocked and needed immediate treatment. Due to financial reasons I was unable to pay. I am a new single mother of 2 little girls and because of related complications I am also recently unemployed. Five years ago I rescued Crash from the street where someone had thrown him out their car window - hence his name "Crash." We needed  Frankie's Friends' help to save him again. We are sincerely grateful. Following this incident we have donated approximately a month's worth of his dry and canned food to the local shelter and have been strictly feeding both our cats the prescription food in order to prevent another blockage.Sincerely, Tara, Jamie Lea, and Alyssa

Killah Gets Life From Frankie's Friends

I am greatly appreciative for the financial help you gave my family by providing treatment for our 3-month-old pit bull/beagle, Killah Lopez. I am also very thankful for the staff and veterinarians at BluePearl Veterinary Partners for helping us take care of our puppy.

Without them, who knows what would have happened. Our dog is always happy and playing with everyone. He has a great personality and again I want to thank you for the support you gave us.

I am sure our dog Killah is also thankful for the love and support you have given him. We promise to keep in touch with Frankie’s Friends charitable pet foundation.

Your foundation has made a very big difference to those who aren’t capable of the required funds and I’m sure many families have appreciated your foundation as much as we have. Thank you a million times more.


Vasquez/Lopez family

Bear the Larger-Than-Life Jack Russell Has Life-Saving Surgery

We would like to thank Frankie's Friends foundation for helping save my little girl, Bear. Bear is a 3-year-old Jack Russell terrier. We have had Bear since she was about 6 weeks old. She is the most beautiful, loving girl with the biggest personality. She is like a daughter to us and we can't imagine being without her. Thank you so much for helping pay for her gastrointestinal surgery. She is feeling much better and is getting back to her larger than life personality. We are forever grateful and will never forget your wonderful foundation.

Thank you.

Kevin, Deokumarie, and Bear

Heartfelt Gratitude for Helping Mitzi

Words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude, appreciation, and joy you have given us! Mitzi and I thank you so very much for your assistance and generosity.  Thanking Frankie's Friends, BluePearl and Dr. Lachowicz for his excellent care, encouragement, and compassion as well.

Sincerely, Mitzi and Mommy (Stacey)  xoxo

Dunston Receives Cancer Treatment He Needed

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and generous gift towards treatment for lymphoma for my cat Dunston.  I was heartbroken when I found out his diagnosis, and extremely stressed since the treatment that offered the best prognosis was not within my means. I love Dunston so much; he's family to me, and I wanted to provide him with the best care available.  Without your contribution I wouldn't have been able to consider optimal treatment as an option.

Best Regards,

Frankie's Friends Featured on CBS 5 in Nashville

(Click the image to see the story)

by Shannon Royster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Melanie Fauchet wants every child to have a fighting chance, so she's opened up her home.

"I have 15 children. Ten of them are adopted majority handicapped from a variety of countries," said Fauchet.

She and her husband are drowning in medical bills. "I mean we have doctor's appointments at least every week," said Fauchet.

But that didn't stop the Fauchet family from spreading their love even further.

"When we heard about Nova needing a home we just decided that would be a nice thing," said Fauchet. "He's a very friendly and nice dog."

What they didn't know is Nova too would soon need medical care.

"He chased a squirrel over a ledge and the squirrel went over and landed fine, but Nova jumped over and didn't land fine," said Fauchet.

The 2-year-old German Sheppard mix broke his leg, and it would cost $3,300 to fix it. Fortunately, financial help she didn't know existed was on the way.

"Once you apply to care credit and your care credit is denied, then we can move into the application process with Frankie's Friends." said Carla Ciuffo of Frankie's Friends.

It's a national non-profit group new to Tennessee that provides grants to qualifying pet owners.

"We can only help people if people help us," said Ciuffo. They rely on public donations to the group's Hope Fund.

Once approved for the grant, the hospital and attending vet also make a contribution.

In this case, all of Fauchet's bill will be taken care of except 500 dollars, something she said she can handle for Nova.

Frankie's Friends does not fund primary care like ear infections, teeth cleaning, vaccinations and preventative care.

Nova is expected to make a full recovery after surgery next week.

If you need help for your pet or if you would like to make a donation click here.

Email: Facebook: Twitter:

Speakeasy Fundraiser to help Tampa Bay’s Pets

TAMPA, Fla. – Frankie’s Friends’ third annual fundraiser to benefit Tampa Bay area pets is scheduled to be held Oct. 18, at the Centro Asturiano de Tampa. The fundraiser, Frankie’s Friends Unleashed for Hope, benefits pets whose families would otherwise not be able to afford life-saving emergency or specialty treatment.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m., when guests will travel back in time. Those attending the event are encouraged to dress in prohibition-era attire in order to fully experience the speakeasy-style party.

The event will feature music provided by the Vodkanauts band with dancing entertainment provided by Fred Astaire Dance Studio and character entertainment provided by Wiseguys InterACTive Entertainment.

Passwords to gain entrance to the speakeasy will be provided at a cost of $100 per person.

The speakeasy will feature an open bar as well as cocktail food and dessert catered from several Tampa Bay area restaurants.

Complimentary valet will be provided or free parking is available on-site.

For more information, see the Frankie’s Friends website at or call the event hotline at 813.549.6978.


Date: May 13, 2013 Contact: James P. Judge Media & Public Relations Manager Frankie’s Friends 813.549.7688, office

Thanks for more time with Winston

Although Winston lost the battle with his lymphoma, the treatments helped for a while and gave us more time with him before we lost the battle. For that time we had, we will always be grateful for Frankie's Friends' assistance. We weren't aware that there was such a wonderful organization and we plan to tell everyone about Frankie's Friends and encourage support for it.

To all the donors to Frankie's Friends: thank you with all our hearts for helping us with funding to fight our Winston's lymphoma. Your kindness will never be forgotten!

- Larry and Connie


Local Women’s Club Gives $500 to Frankie’s Friends

TAMPA, Fla. – The General Federation of Women’s Clubs Lutz-Land O’ Lakes Woman’s Club has donated $500 to Frankie’s Friends charitable pet foundation. The GFWC Lutz-Land O’ Lakes Woman’s Club is an organization dedicated to strengthening the community and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service

“Throughout their existence, women’s clubs associated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs have made a significant impact on their local communities,” said Bonni Voiland, executive director of Frankie’s Friends. “We greatly appreciate the service of the Lutz-Land O’ Lakes Woman’s Club and are thankful for their generous contribution, which will help save the lives of Tampa Bay area pets.”

Frankie’s Friends is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing life-saving emergency and specialty veterinary care to pets whose families would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of care.

Anyone interested in donating to Frankie’s Friends is encouraged to visit


Date: Apr. 15, 2013 Contact: James P. Judge
Media & Public Relations Manager
BluePearl Veterinary Partners
813.549.7688, office

Frankie's Friends Helps Save Dog that Saved Owner

I wasn't sure I was ready to get another dog when I came upon my 9-month-old puppy, Baby. We had recently lost our beloved English mastiff, Oz, to osteosarcoma about 6 months prior. That was very hard for us. I rescued Baby from the Humane Society when he was just 3-months-old and fell in love with all 3 pounds of him! It was a big change going from the world's biggest dog in my 180 lb mastiff to the world's smallest at just 3 pounds.

I should really say that Baby rescued me. I was diagnosed with Lupus two months prior to finding Baby. With Lupus it's hard sometimes to just get out of bed and function. The pain and fatigue takes a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Having Baby in my life forced me to get up and get moving no matter how hard it was. I started taking Baby for walks and taking him to the dog park every Sunday morning no matter how bad I felt and over time I started to feel better. I looked forward to our Sundays at the dog park. I couldn't wait to come home to him after work and he was always happy to see me.

Baby goes everywhere with me that I can take him. He sleeps with me at night and when the alarm goes off, he comes right up to me and rolls over in my arms for cuddle time and belly rubs . It's the only thing about mornings I like. Baby follows me around everywhere, he never leaves my side.

One day, Baby just wasn't his energetic self, you could tell he didn't feel good and was vomiting. I took him to BluePearl around midnight one night and he had to stay over night. I got a call the next day that Baby had an obstruction and needed surgery right away. After the surgeon explained it to me and told me how much it would cost, I broke down.

I didn't have the money and had no idea how I would get it. I was over whelmed with grief and the feelings I had of losing Oz a year earlier.

I called friends, family, my credit card companies and there was just not enough funds to cover his surgery. I was pretty much inconsolable, time was critical to get Baby back into surgery. I had no other options. My puppy was going to die because I didn't have the money to save his life after he had brought so much into my life.

You couldn't imagine that feeling, that's when I was told about Frankie's Friends and how the remarkable doctors donated the rest of the money to save Baby's life. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe the generosity of strangers to help save my puppy. I am forever in their debt and will most definitely pay it forward in honor of Baby and Oz. Baby spent three nights in the hospital and had the best of care. He recovered quickly and is back to his playful, fun self.

I thank you Frankie's Friends and all the staff from the bottom of my heart for saving my Baby.

Forever in your debt,


Layla Has Foreign Object Removed with Frankie's Friends Help

Frankie’s Friends, It’s hard to really express our appreciation for the assistance from this wonderful organization. Our cat, Layla, is an amazing gift, and we have been continuing to enjoy and love our time with her since the very second she was brought back home after foreign object surgery.

Since we took in Layla we noticed right away she had a destructive nature, much like that of a puppy. One of her usual routines is to drag her litter box, on its mat, right out of the bathroom in her mouth. We have already hidden half of the things in our home. The second we missed a neat new object on the ground she took advantage of the situation, which was the cause for her emergency surgery.

Despite her need to search and destroy, it is a riot to watch along with her many other unique qualities. One of the best qualities is that Layla has always been so loving. Not a lap cat, per say, but she certainly doesn’t lack expressing it in her own special way. Since the surgery her love for us has grown in new ways and we are so grateful that we get to experience that affection everyday.

Without Frankie’s Friends this horrible mistake could not have been reversed. We will be forever grateful for this opportunity, and have already begun to spread the word. We cannot wait to be able to give back to this amazing foundation.

We are true believers that pets are the most unconditional love you will ever get to experience, and because of Frankie’s Friends and the surgery Layla received, we get to experience that with her for many, many more years to come.

Deepest Gratitude,

Chelsey & Julian

Frankie's Friends Helps New York City Dog That Swallowed 111 Pennies


A Jack Russell terrier who took the phrase, “keep the change,” very literally is recovering in New York City today after swallowing more than 111 pennies.

The dog, appropriately named Jack, swallowed at least $1.11 in change last weekend while his owner, Tim Kelleher, wasn’t looking, according to Dr. Amy Zalcman, the senior emergency doctor at BluePearl Veterinary Partners who oversaw Jack’s treatment.

Kelleher took Jack to the BluePearl clinic in Manhattan Saturday afternoon after he noticed the pennies were gone and his dog was sick and vomiting.

X-rays performed on the 13-year-old dog immediately showed a collection of pennies inside his body so veterinarians performed an endoscopy, using a camera to locate the pennies.  It took an internal  medicine specialist nearly two hours to remove all of the 111 pennies still left in Jack’s system.  The doctor removed them four to five at a time, grabbing them with the scope and placing them in an attached basket, according to Zalcman.

“I would say he’s a very lucky dog,” she told  “First, that we were able to get them all out by scope and not surgery, and that he hasn’t had any secondary signs of zinc toxicity.”

Owner Kelleher told the New York Daily News his “voracious Tasmanian devil” of a pet was going after a bagel when he got the pennies instead.

“He climbed on my desk to get at the bag with the bagel and knocked the change all over the floor,” said Kelleher, who could not be reached today by  “While he was licking up the crumbs, he swallowed the pennies.”

Zalcman said the zinc pennies could have caused damage to Jack’s kidneys, liver and red blood cells and eventually blocked his intestines, especially given the amount that he swallowed.

“We certainly see pennies consumed by dogs but not in this magnitude,” she said.  “That’s what is so extreme about this case.”

Jack’s owner said his dog is back to his normal self after the nearly $2,500 procedure, part of which was paid for by Tampa-based Frankie’s Friends, an animal charity.

“He’s driving me crazy again,” Kelleher told the Daily News.

Sadie May on the Road to Recovery Thanks to Frankie's Friends

Dear Frankie's Friends, In the beginning of January our precious English mastiff, Sadie May, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a very aggressive bone cancer. Our family was devastated. Our options were explained to us by the veterinarian, but unfortunately most were outside our financial capabilities, and that broke our hearts. Everyday became more of a struggle as Sadie's pain got increasingly worse. After talking to several different veterinary hospitals, we got a glimmer of hope from Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Grand Rapids, MI. They told us about Frankie's Friends and within 24 hours of hearing back from them Sadie was in surgery for amputation or her back leg, to remove her tumor and main source of pain.

I cannot begin to explain how blessed we feel to have received the support that we did from your foundation. Sadie is much more comfortable and noticeably happier and that means so much to us! We can't wait for her to recover so we can get back to the dog park and play with all her doggie friends. Without your generous help that may not have been possible.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Jake, Brianna & Sadie May



Charlie Suffers Seizure, Receives Emergency Help From Frankie's Friends

Charlie is my 3-year-old English mastiff who had occasional seizures.  We recently moved from Kentucky to Tampa. She seemed to be handling the move well until one morning around 5 a.m. She began to have a seizure that simply would not stop.  She seized on and off for almost three hours before we could get her to BluePearl.

She weighs in at about 150lbs and we had moved into an apartment complex on the 3rd floor, so moving her was next to impossible.

Once at BluePearl, Dr. Shreve took wonderful care of her along with the other staff members.

We had only been in Florida for less than a week and I had not started working yet, so we were living on a very small budget, one that certainly did not allow for a pet emergency!

Dr. Shreve offered us some assistance through the hope fund.  Two months later and Charlie is still seizure free and back to her old self again.  I am so thankful for the great staff at BluePearl and the assistance we received through the Hope Fund.  Thank you again for all that you do!!!

- Victoria