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Gem Glick Update: After a Long Road, He's Doing Great

Dear Dr. Varis, There are not enough words that can accurately express my gratitude to you.  Your generosity has afforded me the opportunity to continue celebrating my friend Jason’s legacy through Gem.

After my dear friend’s passing I was certain that things could not get any worse, but they did, his dog and best friend Gem was diagnosed with Lymphoma just two short weeks after.  I was left feeling lifeless.  Not only did I endure the passing of a dear friend, I was then left wondering how I was going to care for Gem.  The diagnosis did not seem promising, until I was introduced to your foundation.

After reading your story I was deeply saddened to learn that Zeus’s life was cut short.   Your story was truly inspirational.  I spent many days hoping and praying that Gem’s quality of life would be like Zeus’s and other animals you have helped.  When my phone rang that day at work and Bonnie told me that the Zeus Varis Fund would be assisting Gem with chemo treatments, I was certain that Gem would have every opportunity to enjoy a full and happy life.  Since beginning treatment, Gem has been gaining strength and enjoying life just like the good old days.  I know I can rest easy knowing that Gem is receiving the very best care, thanks to your generosity.

This journey for me has been one filled with many emotions.  Gem’s zest for life has provided me with so much strength during this extremely tough time in my life.  Everyday I am so grateful for what you have done for me, Gem and Tiggie.  Even though Jason is not here anymore, I am certain his spirit lives on through Gem, and for that I am forever grateful to you.

Many Thanks,

Lauren Glick, Gem and Tiggie