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Tyler Can See Clearly Again

An adorably mischievous but loving ball of fire, Tyler is a teacup Yorkie who loves people and life. Unfortunately, Tyler’s mom began to notice that the dog’s sprightly spirit seemed to be fading—he wouldn’t climb stairs, and his eyes became visibly cloudy. As this cuddly, tiny fur-ball is a major source of comfort for his medically challenged owner, the change was more than worrisome. While a trip to the vet diagnosed Tyler with juvenile onset cataracts, the dog’s owner couldn’t afford the treatment to save his vision. “I felt like I’d let him down,” she said. Fortunately, Frankie’s Friends of Georgia could help, making the surgery to remove Tyler’s cataracts and insert artificial lenses possible. Now, says the veterinary ophthalmologist who treated him, “Tyler is back to acting like the young, active dog that he is. It’s great we were able to make a difference.”

Tyler on chair cropped for web

Truffles' Story of a Freed Spirit

Truffles, an active 1-year-old chocolate lab, never met a stuffed anything she didn’t love…to eat. Unfortunately, this insatiable appetite was almost the metro Atlanta canine’s undoing. When Truffles’ owner noticed she wasn’t playing or eating as usual, a visit to the veterinarian was in order. X-rays revealed something less than appetizing—an intestinal blockage caused by a foreign body, that if not removed could cause a rupture.

Unfortunately, the cost of prior medical issues left Truffles’ owner unable to afford the life-saving surgery the dog needed. Frankie’s Friends came to the rescue, making the procedure possible, unsticking Truffles from her predicament and returning her to her formerly frisky self.

“I’ve removed throw pillows and toys with stuffing,” says the dog’s mom. “And now we’re closer than ever. I thank Frankie’s Friends for this great gift.”

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Barkley '150% Recovered'

Barkley—a sweet pit bull—could be considered a lot of things: an attention hog, a love-bug, and now thanks to Frankie’s Friends, a spectacular success story. At 6 years old, Barkley became gravely ill, constantly thirsty and unable to greet his family at the door (a favorite pastime). After a considerable quest to find the root of his illness, Barkley was diagnosed with a rare but curable disorder: primary hyperparathyroidism. His family, however, had exhausted their resources in their search for a cure and couldn’t afford lifesaving surgery. With heavy hearts, they considered euthanasia rather than let their beloved pet suffer. Frankie’s Friends of Georgia stepped in and helped pay for the life-saving procedure. Barkley now has the chance to live a long and healthy life, and his joyful family has their pet back. Today, he’s “150% recovered,” and to everyone’s delight, again able to “give that loving greeting when we walk through the door.”

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