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Charlie Suffers Seizure, Receives Emergency Help From Frankie's Friends

Charlie is my 3-year-old English mastiff who had occasional seizures.  We recently moved from Kentucky to Tampa. She seemed to be handling the move well until one morning around 5 a.m. She began to have a seizure that simply would not stop.  She seized on and off for almost three hours before we could get her to BluePearl.

She weighs in at about 150lbs and we had moved into an apartment complex on the 3rd floor, so moving her was next to impossible.

Once at BluePearl, Dr. Shreve took wonderful care of her along with the other staff members.

We had only been in Florida for less than a week and I had not started working yet, so we were living on a very small budget, one that certainly did not allow for a pet emergency!

Dr. Shreve offered us some assistance through the hope fund.  Two months later and Charlie is still seizure free and back to her old self again.  I am so thankful for the great staff at BluePearl and the assistance we received through the Hope Fund.  Thank you again for all that you do!!!

- Victoria

Abilene Receives Help From Frankie's Friends

Thank you to BluePearl in NYC for telling us about Frankie's Friends and helping us and our lovely little dog, Abilene, who required emergency surgery to remove her left eye after she was attacked by another dog. It made all the difference in the world to us. And Abilene is happy and thriving. What a wonderful organization!

Bronwyn & Michael

Petrie Fights Lymphoma

Dear Frankie's Friends, I wanted to thank you for your assistance as my cat Petrie fights against Lymphoma. Being right out of college, I can truly appreciate this financial assistance. Petrie has not only been my pet, but one of my closest friends for the past 11 years. I found her in the woods when she was a kitten while my mother was fighting cancer as well. Ever since, Petrie has been with me through college and even rode shotgun when I moved down to Florida from New York. I have been in a lot of places where I have been away from friends and family, but I have always had Petrie with me to keep me from being lonely. Frankie's Friends has made it possible for me to ensure Petrie has a chance to fight this.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Nick