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Bear the Larger-Than-Life Jack Russell Has Life-Saving Surgery

We would like to thank Frankie's Friends foundation for helping save my little girl, Bear. Bear is a 3-year-old Jack Russell terrier. We have had Bear since she was about 6 weeks old. She is the most beautiful, loving girl with the biggest personality. She is like a daughter to us and we can't imagine being without her. Thank you so much for helping pay for her gastrointestinal surgery. She is feeling much better and is getting back to her larger than life personality. We are forever grateful and will never forget your wonderful foundation.

Thank you.

Kevin, Deokumarie, and Bear

Frankie's Friends Helps New York City Dog That Swallowed 111 Pennies


A Jack Russell terrier who took the phrase, “keep the change,” very literally is recovering in New York City today after swallowing more than 111 pennies.

The dog, appropriately named Jack, swallowed at least $1.11 in change last weekend while his owner, Tim Kelleher, wasn’t looking, according to Dr. Amy Zalcman, the senior emergency doctor at BluePearl Veterinary Partners who oversaw Jack’s treatment.

Kelleher took Jack to the BluePearl clinic in Manhattan Saturday afternoon after he noticed the pennies were gone and his dog was sick and vomiting.

X-rays performed on the 13-year-old dog immediately showed a collection of pennies inside his body so veterinarians performed an endoscopy, using a camera to locate the pennies.  It took an internal  medicine specialist nearly two hours to remove all of the 111 pennies still left in Jack’s system.  The doctor removed them four to five at a time, grabbing them with the scope and placing them in an attached basket, according to Zalcman.

“I would say he’s a very lucky dog,” she told  “First, that we were able to get them all out by scope and not surgery, and that he hasn’t had any secondary signs of zinc toxicity.”

Owner Kelleher told the New York Daily News his “voracious Tasmanian devil” of a pet was going after a bagel when he got the pennies instead.

“He climbed on my desk to get at the bag with the bagel and knocked the change all over the floor,” said Kelleher, who could not be reached today by  “While he was licking up the crumbs, he swallowed the pennies.”

Zalcman said the zinc pennies could have caused damage to Jack’s kidneys, liver and red blood cells and eventually blocked his intestines, especially given the amount that he swallowed.

“We certainly see pennies consumed by dogs but not in this magnitude,” she said.  “That’s what is so extreme about this case.”

Jack’s owner said his dog is back to his normal self after the nearly $2,500 procedure, part of which was paid for by Tampa-based Frankie’s Friends, an animal charity.

“He’s driving me crazy again,” Kelleher told the Daily News.

Joker Survives Dog Battle, Lives to Have Last Laugh

Frankie's Friends has helped me out tremendously. My dog got attacked by two stray pit bulls in the street. I was in college at the time and was unable to pay the necessary funds to keep him alive. My dog's name is Joker, he is a Jack Russell, and he is my best friend... I can honestly say he would not be here if it was not for your foundation. I can not even type this without tears coming to my eyes... Thanks for all you have done. I have to go now because he keeps throwing his ball in my lap... haha... Thanks...
- Wesley