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More Time With Parker

When our veterinarian told us that the lumps on Parker’s neck could be an infection or lymphoma, my heart sank. I tried to stay positive and hope that it was only an infection. A few days later, we received a diagnosis of lymphoma and we were devastated. We’ve had Parker since he was 8 weeks old, and after 11 years of companionship, it felt impossible to imagine coming home from work and not seeing his face.

Thanks to your generosity and all the amazing people at Frankie’s Friends, we have more time to spend with Parker, time that we thought we wouldn’t have.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Emilia and family

P.S. Parker is doing great and responding well to the treatments!

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Lucy Gets Last Minute Life-Saving Surgery From Frankie's Friends

On Dec. 16, 2012, we rushed Lucy, a fawn colored American mastiff (she's quite the looker!), to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Manhattan with seizures. She has epilepsy that is generally controlled very well with her daily medications. However, this particular evening she had eight seizures in 90 minutes. We got her to BluePearl as soon as possible. Once Lucy was stabilized and the seizures under control, the doctors found that Lucy had a foreign object in her stomach. She had swallowed a glove. Because the glove was blocking her intestines, her medications were not being delivered to her system properly which brought about the cluster of seizures.  Now that everything had been figured out and she was ready to have the surgery to remove the glove, came the financial estimate for surgery.

Needless to say it was way beyond our means at the time. We agonized over night and the next morning. Finally we had resigned ourselves to having Lucy euthanized. It was the hardest decision either of us have ever made. Our Lucy, our sweet, sweet Lucy was not going to get the surgery that she so desperately needed and we were completely helpless to do anything about it.

It was the most awful, gut-wrenching, helpless feeling I've ever felt. Completely lost.  As we were readying ourselves for the subway ride to BluePearl to visit Lucy and say goodbye, my phone rang. It was Dr. Gibeon, that morning's attending vet, with news that Frankie's Friends by way of Dr. Amanda Owens had granted the funding required to save Lucy. We couldn't believe it! Trying to put the feeling of hearing that into words is impossible. I've tried so many times.

"Thank you" doesn't seem like enough, but it's the simplest and most honest. So, thank you.


- Robert & Jim

Tish Now Loves Central Park After Frankie's Friends Help

Hi, My name is Morticia, "Tish" for short. I am now five months old. I was born in Missouri and shipped to a NYC pet store as a young puppy.

One day not long after I had gotten to the pet store a young man came along and saw me there. He fell in love with me and took me home with him. I never really felt very good, even at the pet store. I didn't eat well and then I stopped eating.

I ended up in the intensive care unit at BluePearl Veterinary Partners specialty and emergency pet hospital after being in my new home less than a week. I was a very sick pup and almost died. My stay at the vet hospital was a financial drain on my new owner and his family.

They were thinking they may have to give up the fight and stop treatment when a donation from Frankie's Friends came through to try one more treatment. It was an expensive procedure but due to the donation it was able to be tried.

It worked! I started to get stronger. I was able to return home after more than a week at the hospital to recover. I now feel pretty good. I love to eat and love to go to Central Park to romp and play with all my new dog friends.

Thank you so much, without your donation we may not have been able to continue treatment. It was a turning point for me.

I hope many people continue to donate to Frankie's Friends to help other families and their pets. It certainly helped save my life. I continue to bring such joy to my owner and everyone I meet each day.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you,

Tish & Tom and family

Peanuckle and John's Adventure

Dear Frankie's Friends & Trustees of the Dr. Agnes Varis Charitable Trust, My chihuahua, Peaknuckle, a 6 pound bundle of love, was given to me as a gift 10 years ago by two dear friends who had raised him on a sheep farm near Albany, NY (yes, he knew how to herd from the other side of the electric fence). I was on a road trip on my way back home to where I was living in Juneau, Alaska, when I met their little dog. He was my friend Jimmy's favorite, but when Jimmy saw the connection that Peaknukle and I had, he offered him freely.  I had never had my own pet before, and Pea had never, ever been off of the farm.  A little reluctant and terrified as I drove off of the farm, Jimmy and his partner yelled out to me, “be careful of the eagles in Alaska!”

Well, ten years later, now that we live in New York City, I can't imagine a day without Peaknuckle. He survived Alaska, where he chased a bear up a tree, loved to run behind me in my cross-country ski tracks, and where he was a celebrity. He survived a national tour of our one man, one chihuahua, clown show – touring to SF, Minneapolis, Boulder, and New Orleans. He survived a Clowns Without Borders trip to Chiapas, Mexico, bringing his mischievous spirit and inspiring laughter for indigenous peoples who were rebuilding their villages after earthquakes. Peaknuckle even survived all the petting at my Aunt Nancy's independent living complex where he was a regular performer.

Peaknuckle has meant so much to so many people – most of all me.  People tell me that we worry about our pets, “because they are like our children.”  Peaknuckle, always snuggled up to me or tucked into my jacket, is like one of my limbsWhen he was diagnosed with a nasal carcinoma, I wasn't prepared. His mother Sweet Pea, father Peanut and sister Calliopea had all had long and happy lives.  I discovered what it must feel like for the many parents that I see doing “clown rounds” with the Big Apple Circus' Clown Care Unit as a “pediatric clown doctor” for children with life threatening illnesses.

Thank you for your help, both in raising money for cancer research and for the amazing gift from the Zeus Varis Fund.  The care he got at BluePearl was unparallelled and the radiation, not without its side effects, seems to have reduced his tumor considerably and he is breathing much better.  My heart swells with gratitude at the possibility of more adventures with Peaknuckle.

Graciously yours,

John & Peaknuckle