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More Time With Parker

When our veterinarian told us that the lumps on Parker’s neck could be an infection or lymphoma, my heart sank. I tried to stay positive and hope that it was only an infection. A few days later, we received a diagnosis of lymphoma and we were devastated. We’ve had Parker since he was 8 weeks old, and after 11 years of companionship, it felt impossible to imagine coming home from work and not seeing his face.

Thanks to your generosity and all the amazing people at Frankie’s Friends, we have more time to spend with Parker, time that we thought we wouldn’t have.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Emilia and family

P.S. Parker is doing great and responding well to the treatments!

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Hemingway has Successful Procedure Thanks to Zeus Varis Fund

There are not enough words my fiance and I could use to adequately thank you for the assistance you gave us when we found out our 7-year-old cat, Hemingway, was diagnosed with high grade hemangiosarcoma in his rear left leg.  Thanks to your support, Hemingway had a successful amputation and is now undergoing chemotherapy with a bright future ahead of him.

Hemingway is such a special part of our family.  I adopted him in Saranac Lake, NY when it became clear to me that my dog -- Patrick, who I also adopted after he was rescued from two separate abusive homes -- needed a constant but calm companion.

The shelter was having trouble getting a kitten named Squiggles adopted because he had extra toes and a crooked tail.  He and I fell in love right away, I renamed him Hemingway for his extra toes, and he was happily accepted and raised by the dog.  As a result, Hemingway is very friendly and brave; he loves when we have visitors as much as he loves a good snuggle on a quiet night at home.  He even plays fetch better than Patrick does!

As a teacher who has been forced to work part-time, who is engaged to a self-employed artist and entrepreneur, your support and sponsorship in Hemingway's time of need was very much needed.  Without the help from your foundation, I don't think Hemingway would be alive today.  We are so very grateful to you and we -- our whole family, human and animal alike -- send you our deepest thanks.

Fondest regards,